Seated guided wine, beer and cider tasting

Fra AUD 35,00 AU$
  • Varighed: 45 Minutter (Ca.)
  • Sted: Braemar, NSW
  • Produkt kode: P0FXRX

Reserve a seat for our guided wine, cider and beer tasting experience. Sit amongst the production and be walked through our Sustainable wines, Pure ciders and traditional style beers. Immerse yourself in the production experience tasting samples from ferments, to tanks, to barrels to the final bottle. 

This guided wine tasting will take 45 minutes as your guided through the wines, ciders and beers.

Due to Covid restrictions and requirements;

  •  Spaces are booked by the table with a maximum of 5ppl from one party at each table. 
  • Proof of the Covid app is required at entry or you will be required to leave your name and details